Cookalong TV – Launch of digital cooking platform.

About Cookalong TV

Cookalong TV launched in March 2020 and is now one of the UK’s leading digital platforms for managing remote cookalongs and other cooking experiences.


Cookalong TV’s initial focus was to try and raise money for charities who were badly hit by the pandemic and the lack of fundraising. This involved a series of celebrity hosted cooking experiences. To date it has created over 30 Celebrity Cookalongs, raised close to £40,000, for charities and created a number of brand partnerships including Vodafone and Fever-Tree.


Cookalong TV also provides “Cookalong Exclusives”. These are exclusive cooking experiences hosted by some of the greatest restaurants and chefs in the industry. Today we offer a totally new culinary experience and a great alternative to client entertainment or team building activities to companies globally. This forms a core part of our business and is showing exponential growth.


Cookalong TV is rapidly growing and we will shortly be bringing to life our “Connected Kitchen” offering  concept whereby individual users can access digital content of world famous chefs and restaurants and experience their own one-to-one Cookalong experiences.

The brief

Cookalong TV required guidance regarding its launch and navigating a variety of regulatory requirements. as it sought to establish commercial relationships with chefs restaurants and supplying those services to end users. We also required comprehensive legal advice across the range of commercial sectors that spanned our business model.


Why did you choose Aquitas?

We required a law firm who had experience with start-ups and entrepreneurial companies. We needed a firm who could advise across a range of commercial issues and help us with the dynamic growth of the company. We knew that Aquitas had a good track record of working with innovative businesses and when we met them they were personable and professional with a clear understanding of the commercial needs of business.


What service did you receive from Aquitas

Aquitas were involved from the inception of the company and building it from the ground up. They helped us understand the regulatory framework that applied to charitable activities and prize draws. They drafted all the relevant terms and conditions that applied to both contestants, presenters,  along with the operation of our website. They also deal with all the legal issues concerning our digital content, as well as intellectual property and GDPR.


They were also responsible for drafting all of our commercial agreements, as well as the relevant terms and conditions that applied to our suppliers, customers and collaborators. 


Aquitas continue to supply HR support to the business. They were responsible for drafting all our contracts of employment and director service agreements. This included restrictive covenants for our directors and members of the management team. They also helped us create an incentive scheme to remunerate our management team and key employees. They are also currently assisting us with our first round of funding as we look to attract further investment to continue to growth of the business.



The business evolved quickly during the initial lockdown. The remote nature of working at that time meant that unforeseen issues often arose and had to be dealt with at short notice.


This was particularly acute when we were establishing our “Cookalong Exclusive” offering and we were having to deal with a multitude of suppliers, chefs and the bespoke requirements of each cookalong, some of which were occurring in a variety of jurisdictions.


What would you say about working with Aquitas

Aquitas get things done very quickly and efficiently. The barristers they use are consummate professionals and experts in their field whilst also being approachable  and easy to talk to. They are also available outside of normal business hours which helped us quickly deal with a number of issues that arose at short notice.


Our business model was unique and also evolving at a rapid pace. Aquitas took the time to thoroughly understand what we were seeking to achieve as a business and held our hand through every stage of that evolutionary process. They helped us with our company structure, all the commercial requirements of the business, all of the employment law issues regarding our management team and employees.


They also helped us put all the necessary legal frameworks and systems in place. As a result of that we now have a solid base of legal documentation in place to deal with our suppliers and customers; we are also regulatory compliant. That strategic planning established strong foundations for the business, which has proved invaluable in terms of satisfying due diligence requirements as Aquitas are now guiding us through the process of attracting our first round of investment as we seek to grow the company further.


Would we work Aquitas again?

Absolutely. The legal work they undertook was invaluable as we established and expanded the scope of the business. Their work ensured that we are the viable and growing business we are today.


Corporate level legal services from specialist barristers without the need to engage a solicitor.